Choosing Lip Balm for Kids

Lip balm may not be a necessity to some but yes it is in our household. I myself am prone to dry lips since like forever… but nothing really worked for me in the past. You name it, lip balms, lip gloss, honey, etc. So I just gave up. I choose lipsticks that are more close to lip balms with sheer coloring. However, my second daughter is allergic and rashes pops up around her lips and of course makes her lips dry, too. So lip balm it is to the rescue.


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After much reading, I have concluded that yes, lip balms are different than lip gloss. But wait, there are so many brands in the market. Which to choose? In general, keep in mind to pick the natural ones. The ones with no chemical contents and no parabens. There are actually quite a number of such lip balms around us.


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So here we go.


My best pick would be Lip Balm from BabyGanics. It is face and lip balm so you can use it anywhere dry. It is soft and natural. One weak point is that it is quite light so does not stick long and can be a bit too soft in the tropical environment. Price: 70,000 IDR.

Another one we use is lip balm or anywhere balm to be more exact from a good friend of mine: EcoBliss Body Care. She sells natural body care like soaps, lotions, etc. Be sure to look them up at IG also. Their lip balm is quite light and comes in huge containers that can be useful for long term use.



We recently ordered from Evete Naturals which my daughter insisted because the lip balm comes in varying scents sch as strawberry, vanilla, chocmint, etc. Her favorite is the strawberry and therefore does not protest when I reapply the lip balm multiple times a day. The packaging is a bit smaller than BabyGanics (50,000 IDR only). I myself used them and it is quite good in keeping the lips moist.



The thing is, I do not buy commercial store lip balms. They are usually inexpensive since it is filled only with chemicals. If they claim to have a certain ingredient as a soothing effect, take note in the label that it is usually just a a “marketing sweetener” at the end of the list aka does not contain much of it. The natural butters like shea butter and cocoa butter works wonder naturally. It absorbs itself really well and worked by acting as a barrier that keeps moisture locked in. Most commercial ones are keeping it glossy while expelling moisture making it even drier when you do not reapply you lip balm.


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And even making your own lip balm. Well, I haven’t tried it though.


Keep reading and happy lip balm hunting, moms 🙂



Fiona Esmeralda, MD, MBA


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