The Importance of Keeping a Menstrual Calendar

The topic pops up as I was preparing materials for a puberty module for teenage girls sometime ago. What is menstrual calendar anyway? I thought of calendar method for contraceptive measures but I don’t think it is the same thing. After some reasearching I came across many types of menstrual calendar including the old school type of written diary ato a very tech savvy apps. The point is not only to jot down the date of your period but also other important information such as length, heaviness, pain involved. And therefore you can keep up with the change happening monthly especially if you ahve some concerns such as irregularity, midcycle bleeding, or other problems.  Yes, it typically happens at the early stages of puberty where period can be irregular due to hormonal adjustments.

The calendar can later be used as a note if you consult a doctor. The doctor will have accurate information on your period problems to assess it thouroughly.

Make sure your teen girls keep track of their period though a menstrual calendar and consult a doctor when:

  • your period is less than 2 days or more than 14 days
  • you have midcycle bleeding
  • your period is erratic
  • you haven’t got your period for more than 90 days
  • you have extreme pain during your period





dr. Fiona Esmeralda, MM

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