Many Pills a Day


Many pills a day can sprout another problem set aside the illness itself. If your parents are still around, this is a topic very familiar to you. Many elderly patients are  diagnosed with many chronic illnesses. However, making a patient understand that his/her illness is in terms chronic and therefore incurable is hard. Even if you tried. Many diseases requires the patients to keep taking medicine daily, even when they are feeling better. Those disease need contants monitoring with your regular doctor and regular lab tests. Let’s name a few: diabetes and hypertension. I think theses two diseases already make up for more than half of chronic diseases already.

Make sure that people with chronic diseases understand these few things:

  1. The diseases will not be cured, however it can be under control.
  2. The medications are lifelong, however a healthy lifestyle can help a lot and someday might take you on a lesser pill prescribed.
  3. No medication stands alone. The treatment includes a change into a healthier lifestyle such as watching what you eat, staying fit, and following the doctors’ orders.
  4. No super alternative medicine will make you better all at once, however taking appropriate supplements might help your overall well being and make sure you consult your doctor first to prevent any contraindications.


Keep reading, stay fit.



dr. Fiona Esmeralda, MM

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