Benefits of Using Belly Wraps Post C-section


A while ago, a close friend who happens to be pregnant for the first time asked me and a bunch of other friends about belly wraps. I myself used a common type of belly wrap post caesarean although perhaps not long enough for it to yield significant results. Why so? I think it is because using a belly wrap was not comfortable since mine was an old style one and not the latest trendy belly wraps that might cost you quite a chunk of money. If you as Kim Kardashian alike, the story might be different 🙂 However, another friend used the wrap religiously and she is slimmer than ever now.

For those who are still confused, belly wraps are literally things that wraps your belly post labour. It is mandatory in many parts of the world. There are the common type that you can find at any baby store but the modern ones are more like wraps with velcro straps for snugness and comfort. If you go to upscale baby shops or follow pregnant celebrities, you can get a view of the brand of belly wraps they use. They vouch that the belly wraps that made them slimmer (almost) instantly. However, form the medical point of view, what does the belly wrap do. Medical concerns also arise for caesarean labour with abdominal wound. Is it really safe and recommended to use the belly wrap right away? Or is there a safe period?

Believe it or not, using belly wraps are actually recommended for post caesarean labour with the purpose of would stabilisation.


The C-section

Caesarean section are invasive surgery involving incisions through the abdomen and uterus. When the baby is born, the muscle stretches and possibly cause muscle damage which make sit difficult to regain best muscle tone afterwards.

Some Benefits Using Belly Support Post C-section

  • give freedom in movement and flexibility such as when bending and carrying the baby
  • help relieve pain
  • lessen scar formation
  • lessen the pressure on wound and surrounding areas
  • hasten recovery
  • help correct the spine after nine months of pregnancy
  • compress wound to alleviate any  existing swollen areas
  • help ensure loose skin tighten well
  • lessen back pain and abdominal muscle distension
  • boost confidence with a slimmer look

Is It Painful?

It is understandable to be worried if the belly wrap will disrupt wound healing but on the contrary, compression has long been a method to support wound healing. Compression increases blood circulation, prevent open wound, and lessen pressure on the open wound. Do not use the wrap too tightly though.


Will I Be Slimmer Sooner?

Many celebrities regain their perfect shape so fast that the public can hardly believe our eyes. These beautiful mommas with tiny babies and slender waist swore they owe it to the magical belly wrap. Medically speaking, they are evidence of use although there are not enough clinical data to support the fact that belly wrap can and will eliminate excess fat and bulging tummy during pregnancy. Besides flattening the tummy bulge which occurred during the pregnancy month, belly wrap do not magically make you lose weight.


Choosing a low fat high fiber balanced diet with routine exercise is the key.

By stimulating metabolism, mothers can speed up weight loss healthily and gradually.


Health counselors agree that to reduce stomach distension is though exercise and breastfeeding. Do not forget that the celebrities besides using belly wraps, they also have personal trainers, experienced nutritionists,  and top chefs to support their weight loss journey.


Choosing the Right Belly Support

  • Buy appropriate size. For long term use, you might need a few sizes.
  • Choose ones that can be adjusted with flexible straps.
  • Choose breathable materials.
  • Lastly, buy the ones that fit your needs and your finances.


Conclusively, using belly wraps post caesarean or not is every mothers’ personal choice but it does not poses any medical danger and even have multiple benefits. So, bring it on!





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