I am Already Proud of You

Dear daughter,


I know the past year has not been easy for you.

Overwhelming at times, full of roller coaster emotions, and difficult decisions.

I may not have been on my best side.

Constantly changing,

switching from the laid back mom

to the demanding one.

But most of all,

I hope this year has accelerated your mind,

your thoughts,


As the final exam week is coming around the corner,

as the final pages of your workbook flipped by.

I saw you smiled at your achievements,

I saw you cried when the numbers fell,

I saw you worry when the pressure gets high,

I saw you struggle to stay focus,

and I saw you finally found your way.

At the last week,

you  finally geared up and go,

giving it your best moments,

hoping to make it great at the finish line.

And all I can do is pray.

That Allah will always be the one to guide you,

when the going gets tough,

when you are alone facing the papers,

when your mind races with answers and possibilities.

I pray that Allah is the one you turn to.

Pray in your rapid breathing,

in your heartbeats,

in your mind.

Bismillah, dear.

I know you can make it.

Just stay calm and do your best.

I am already proud of you.



April 28, 2018


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