Eating Raw

Well, I am not a raw eater. Still learning and like many of you, a bit deterred by the idea of having to eat things raw. I like my meals cooked like usual. Yum. But along the way, learning more about it, eating raw is actually my ultimate recommendation for staying healthy or curing your current diseases. Why?


Our ancestor eat more raw food than us due to the limited utensils maybe so they eat raw or almost raw in the old days. They lived longer and were exposed to fewer diseases. Many other factors of course stepped in like lack of pollution, chemical additives, etc. But it is worth the thoughtm right?


Next, God made food for us, humans, perfect the way it is with loads of good vitamins, minerals aside from basic protein or carbs. Cooking the food just loses all or almost all of it. Believe i or not. People opt for low heat but yes it also destoys the nutritional value. So what are we eating exactly in the end? Some meals endure many cooking steps like panfrying it then toss it in the oven later for thorough cooking.Or how about our homesignature dishes that takes hours to cook like stew or rendang. In terms of nutrition, What is left? Beside the yumminess I mean.


No, I didn’t say to say goodbye to all yum cooked meals but take baby steps to incorporate raw food into your daily life. What raw food would that be?


The easiest one. Fruit and vegetables. Even veggies still a bit of a problem in the life of a non salad eater. Quick stir fry will be better with crisp veggies. Salad are easy to make or if it is still way to hard to deal with, pick your fave raw veggie like lettuce or cabbage or zucchini and use an easy dressing like hot chili or olive oil to your own preference. While fruit is simpler. Just grab a bite!




So what are you waiting for? Smoothies, greenjuice, or whatever its version is perhaps still better than your average sweeet soda drink but instead of doping yourself with loads of over the counter vitamins (which you are not sure of its effectiveness) go get a fruit and overdose yourself.




Keep reading, stay fit.




dr. Fiona Esmeralda, MM


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